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Grout and Tile Cleaning and Coating

It’s not just carpet and concrete that needs regular cleaning! Tile and grout can build up grime and dirt too.


Since grout and tile are different side-by-side materials, they require special care in order to prevent damage while still cleaning them to perfection. While everyday cleaning can help keep it looking fresh for longer, sometimes a deep cleaning is needed to get out the dirt that has pushed its way into the cracks and crevice. A combination of applied heat, cleaning solutions, vacuuming, and high pressure rinsing can be used to bring out the perfect shine in every part of your tile floor.


The combination used is heavily dependent on the type of flooring, the type of grout, the surrounding installations, and the size and shape of the area. From ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles to slate and marble tiles, each has their own benefits and challenges. Some can tolerate more heat, while others may require additional scrubbing. A kitchen and a bathroom have different constraints, including space and ventilation. Our experts will make sure that the right combination is used for your exact floor and space, ensuring excellent and safe results every time.


Once your tile flooring has been cleaned, it is best to protect it. Specialized coatings can be used to provide a protective seal over your brand-new looking grout to keep dirt and grime from settling back into the cracks.


Next time your tiles have gotten out of hand and you need somebody to take care of it for you, stress free, contact Restoring Touch today! With years of experience ready to be applied to your home or business flooring, you’ll find that your cleaned and restored tiles look like you had just bought them!