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Fogging and Sanitation

Areas that need to be fully sanitized, such as restaurants, kitchens, medical facilities, food processing plants, scientific laboratories, and more, may need a more thorough cleaning service than can be provided through traditional methods. This is where fogging can come in.


In many cases, the best option is to use fogging to thoroughly sanitize the area. Due to the way the particles can spread throughout the air, it can reach and kill germs in many areas that would be difficult to impossible to reach by hand, such as small cracks and crevices that may be difficult to see, or may be too close to other objects to clean effectively.


The challenges involved with fogging include that the area must be cleared of all residents, and anything that could potentially be damaged by the fumigation may need to be removed in advance. However, this is the most thorough method available, and works well in areas that must have the highest levels of sanitation.


There are multiple types of fog that can be used, varying from chemical disinfectant fogging to vaporized hydrogen peroxide, even ozone and chlorine dioxide, and more. There are benefits for each, and there are disadvantages and risks for each. Restoring Touch’s expert staff is ready to help you choose the right one for your home or business.


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