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Mold Cleaning and Water Damage Restoration | Restoring Touch

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Cleaning Mold and Restoring Water Damage

An awful thing has happened: you have water damage! Whether it’s from flooding, broken pipes, or just a spill, water damage is no joke. It can grow mold, causing lots of extra damage and endangering your family or employees. It’s important to clean up water damage before mold starts to grow, but if mold has started appearing, Restoring Touch can clean out the mold, as well as help prevent further mold from growing.


The process typically involves using a wet vacuum to clear out the majority of the collected water before placing fans and dehumidifiers in the area in order to dry out the area as much as possible. It takes time and care, and in some cases, is enough to bring the floor back to working order. In other cases, hardwood floors may need to be nailed back down, or individual boards or sections of board may need to be replaced. Laminate floors may not be reparable if they have been submerged for too long, and it may need to be replaced altogether if it is too damaged. Tile is more resilient, and may only need to be dried, but if water managed to leak through, then subfloor may need to be replaced, or some additional grout may need to be placed if the damage is minor enough.


Carpets are where it gets tricky, because once it has been dried, it also must be cleaned, otherwise it is more likely to grow mold than many other flooring types. Restoring Touch specializes in making sure as little mold survives the process as possible, so carpet floors are cleaned, sanitized, and deodorized.


If you’ve had water damage and need professional help to take care of it, call or contact Restoring Touch today! We will help you get your floor back up and ready for use, while protecting your floor from mold and mildew for long after we’re done and gone!