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Concrete Staining, Polish, and Epoxy

Restoration and Maintenance for Concrete Flooring

There are several solid options for improving your concrete flooring. You can choose from polishing your concrete to give it a clean and shiny look, staining to give your flooring some color, and an epoxy coating for a smooth, long-lasting, and protected floor for your home or business.

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Concrete Polishing

Concrete can be polished by grinding it down to a smooth surface, creating a less porous and more durable surface than untreated or only stained concrete. The method of grinding may vary depending on the type of concrete and the desired end result, but the core concept is the same. After a polishing, additional maintenance will be required to keep it looking its best, whether that is additional polishing at a later time, or applying epoxy to protect the surface.

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Concrete Staining

Staining your concrete is not unlike staining wood. Specialized solutions are mixed and applied to concrete surfaces to create a colored look, providing an opportunity to customize your concrete flooring. The color is effectively permanent for the top layer, but concrete does wear down, so it is best to cover it with a wax or similar sealer to keep the color visible and bright for as long as possible!

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Concrete Staining

Epoxy has several benefits. It is a liquid polymer that can be applied to otherwise damaged floors to smooth them out, and color and texture can be added as part of the epoxy process. The finished product is a smooth, attractive, and durable floor that is easy to maintain over time. While it is the most involved process, it is the best value for a long-term investment.

Restoring Touch strives to provide you with the best-in-the-industry options for restoring and maintaining your concrete flooring. Contact us today to find out the ideal floor maintenance solution for you!